30 Before 30

I'm about to turn thirty. That's the scariest sentence I have ever written. And also, a complete exaggeration. But it's not far from the truth! In thirty months I will turn thirty years of age. In the grand scheme of things, that's almost thirty. Right?

Not so long ago, I noticed a friend of mine who is a month older than me post something eyecatching on Facebook. She was compiling a '30 Before 30' list; coincidentally, it happened to be exactly 30 months before she was due to hit the big age, thus making it the perfect time to begin such a list. I applauded her determination and then pondered for a little while. Now, I absolutely love a list. Back in the day, when those '101 Things In 1001 Days' were all the rage, I was an avid participant... for all of fifteen minutes! The truth is, I do love a list but seeing it through to the end is a satisfaction I never encounter. As new years turn, resolutions go forgotten and even my daily to-do lists fall by the wayside by mid-afternoon. But there's something about thirty things in thirty months that make me believe that actually, I can do it. I've got this.

So without further ado, here are my 30 things. It goes without saying that I will blog about absolutely everything I complete.

001 - Skydive
002 - Be a comfortable speaker of another language
003 - Grow my hair out long(-ish)
004 - ...and then get it back to that gingery blonde wavy fringey hair that I unashamedly love!
005 - Write songs & record myself performing
006 - Move to another city
007 - Simplify my life by cutting all my belongings, curating a capsule wardrobe, etc.
008 - Make my mark on three new continents [2/3]
009 - Run a marathon
010 - Participate in some kind of cycle challenge
011 - Fly over to LA to visit my very best girl, her husband and her Buttercup Pup
012 - Learn to dance, like, properly (if I don't get famous & invited onto Strictly Come Dancing obviously)
013 - Do a "big trip", AKA a "proper travel"
014 - Create & maintain a travel scrapbook
015 - Tip a wait staff £50, just because I know what it's like
016 - A secret Mum-related something
017 - A secret Dad-related something
018 - Climb to the top of Ben Nevis
019 - Learn to surf
020 - Make a viable attempt to see the Northern Lights
021 - Carve a new career path; do something for a living that makes me beam
022 - Volunteer at Crisis for Christmas
023 - Have tea and a fat rascal scone at Betty's Tea Shop somewhere in Yorkshire
024 - Reach my savings target (a good girl never shares!)
025 - Get a goddamn smear test
026 - Tally out at 30 countries visited worldwide [29/30]
027 - Ride a horse
028 - Go skiing again, or give snowboarding a fair whack
029 - Live with my amazing & wonderful best friend ♥
030 - Re-visit Vegas, because why the hell not

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