One day in Krakow

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

It's fair to say that I am completely and utterly head over heels in love with a country that you may already be aware of. It's called Poland, and I may or may not of spoken about it already once before. I'm lucky enough to have become friendly with a few Polish people, past and present, and it was thanks to one of the aforementioned from the past, that I found myself in Krakow a few Novembers back. Something that I love about travelling with somebody to their hometown, is being able to see it through their eyes. While you might automatically make a beeline for all the sights that tourists tend to go for, your national travel buddy can prod you in the right direction of all the little secrets of their city. I absolutely love visiting new places in this manner.

Highlights from my little Krakowian visit included seeing the colourful Wawel Castle, walking in Planty Park (which is a thin green belt that encircles the city) and eating super cheap salted soft pretzels from the wide range of street vendors. I would love to tell you so much more, but forgetfulness occurs when you only blog about a trip almost three years after you took it. To be honest, nobody says it better than Wikitravel anyway! However, I managed to take some pretty alright photos that I haven't managed to lose for once, so I'll leave you with those and be on my way.

...and while it wasn't strictly in Krakow, while in Poland on this occasion I managed to take what can only be described as one of my all-time most wanted photographs: a sunset over a lake. I guess I make it sound as if photography is a bit like bingo for me but I guess that's the case. I believe that a good photo is indeed part-skill but part-luck also. You can go looking for a great photograph and never find it, or they can just happen right before your very eyes. So as luck (and skill) would have it, I made one of my dreams come true. Sometimes it truly pays off to be a such a massive photography lover/g33k. As the kids would say these days, #nofilter.


  1. Such stunning photos! I'm hoping to get to Poland this year, and this post makes me yearn for it even more!

    1. You will adore it Robyn, I guarantee! It's such a huge country with so much to see, wherever you go I'm certain you won't be disappointed. Dayum, now I want to go back eve more!